About me

My name is Habib Beloufa Rahou, I was born in 1965 in Oran, Algeria. I was 7 years old as I received as a gift, my first camera, a "Kodak Instamatic".

With my father as a hunter, I had really the chance, to get early a direct and great contact with the nature. Later, due to my studies as a geography engineer, I discovered the fascination for landscape, water and animals.
In 2008 I started using digital photography and my passion for pictures, especially for macro shots, had increased more and more.

Since 2012, I am a member in a Photo Club in Troisdorf, Germany, I am trying to get more experience, exchange ideas with the other members and to further improve myself.


Habib Beloufa Rahou

Email: br_habib@yahoo.fr

Phone: (0049) 178 55 07 805